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  • Fergal O'Connor

Why Sound Therapy is so effective for stress busting

Picture this, you've just had an awkward encounter with someone you don’t like very much. You’re feeling stressed and pent up. You get in your car or get back home and reach for your spotify playlist or something equivalent to play your music from. You’ve got some decent speaker tech going on and that first song you play is perfect. You know, the one that matches the intensity of your mood and gives you instant relief. Music can do that, it gives sonic expression to the nebulous and meandering roundabout of your stressed brain, but also gets it grooving and a moving in a slightly new direction.

There are a lot of factors involved as to why this is, outside of the music and sounds themselves, part of it can be that perhaps the singer or writer of the music has been in a similar state and you feel understood. What’s important though is that now your head or foot is bopping and swaying and your mood is lifting. If you’re tuned in, pardon the pun, and you keep some funky playlists handy, before you know it, you’ll find yourself nudged gently back to something like Nina Simone’s “I’m feeling good”.

This is, in a nutshell, the basis of music and sound healing therapy. We are emotional beings, and while emotions can’t be seen, they are certainly felt in us and all around us as vibes in the air, and music is all about the vibes man!

I’ll be writing more about this fascinating healing art and its application in a therapeutic setting, especially for anxiety and attention disorders; and how different sound frequencies affect our brain waves. In the mean-time if you’re curious to experience a one to one sound session or an upcoming sound related workshop, contact Fergal at 086353706 or

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