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A dynamic early morning practice to get your day off to a great start.

The centre looks out to the sunrise over Youghal harbour for added inspiration. Focusing on

postures with the breath in slow sequences while building strength, flexibility, and balance.

Each class will challenge and open you in body, mind, and spirit using asana (postures) and

pranayama (breath exercises).


As we age, the body can present challenges, in the form of

arthritis, fibromyalgia, limited motion, and chronic pain. This practice is designed specifically

for this. Whether you have any symptoms or not, whether you are new to yoga or have

practiced for years, you will experience how much better age gets with yoga. Explore the

five pillars for a lifetime of wellbeing: Strength of muscle and bones, Flexibility for range of

motion, Balance for stability, Agility for ease, and Equanimity.


Enjoy flowing with your breath to develop strength, flexibility, and

balance in body and mind. In this practice, we slow things down a notch while developing a

keen sense of awareness in the present moment, moving between strength and softness, so

when things speed up in life we can remain calm and move with confidence, ease, and

grace, both physically and energetically. Suitable for pre/post natal women.


A merging of the principles of both practices, engage and

strengthen in a safe way with Pilates and stretch and release with mindful awareness in

yoga technique.


Yin Yoga helps those who thrive on activity to slow down and

find relaxation, tranquility and peace within. Yin also helps those low on energy by exploring

new possibilities of resources that emerge through stretching, compressing and relaxing

deeper areas and the connective tissues. Release energy blocks and expand the underlying

fascia increasing the flow of oxygen, blood circulation and fluids to help regain greater range

of motion. Yang yoga is a more active practice, working on the muscles, blood flow, building

strength, stamina and flexibility.


For those dealing with back and neck discomfort, this class is

crafted for spinal health. Learn to either manage chronic pain or apply the tools that help

maintain a strong and supple spine to prevent injury. Slow, mindful movements are

combined with breath and inward focus along with self-study to facilitate health and well-



An opportunity to connect with your body, mind, and spirit through

mindful movement and meditation. Nourish, stretch and strengthen the physical body, with

postures specific to women and women’s health, calm the nervous system, and carry on

with your day feeling relaxed and refreshed. 


A series of postures and breathing techniques that are great for working

with tightness and pain in muscles and joints, encouraging core strength and flexibility.

Suitable for all levels.


Pilates is a series of exercises emphasising alignment, strength and balance. It

guides you how to move and where to move from, unlocking from the inside out. It is a

dynamic practice and is very good for anyone recovering from injury, anyone in a sedentary

job or someone who wants to build strength in a safe but powerful way.


A class to support and nourish the mother to be. A beautiful way to

prepare your body and mind for birth and motherhood – including breathing techniques to

help calm the nervous system, toning your muscles, improving your strength and circulation,

increasing energy, and reducing anxiety. Suitable for women in the second and third trimester. If you are in the first trimester and would like some exercises/advice, please get in touch for a one-to-one session.


Focusing on restoring the health and wellbeing of mummies. Join this

class to rebalance and nourish from the inside out, using movement, breath-work,

restorative poses to help you recover and build strength following pregnancy and birth. It is

a great way to connect with other women in the post-partum period. Suitable 6 weeks

post-natal. If you are interested in support prior to this please get in touch for a one-to-one




This class will be an opportunity to nourish both mother and baby through playful and rhythmic yoga practices.

It is a safe space to create community and feel supported while connecting to and nourishing baby.  It will be a relaxed atmosphere, to stretch, strengthen, and breath.  There will be refreshments provided.


Suitable for beginners to meditation and sound baths.

Fergal creates a safe space where you connect to deep levels of relaxation and allow the

healing benefits of being bathed in sound. The vibrations clear away tension and stress and

the gentle sounds and rhythms slow the brain waves down.

Fergal uses a variety of instruments including Voice, Guitar, Frame Drum, Tibetan Singing

Bowls, Tibetan bells, Koshi Chimes, Slit Drum, Kalimba, Rain stick, and Ocean Drum to create

a soundscape that takes you on a healing journey deep within yourself.

Private sessions available

Physiotherapy led Yoga and Pilates private sessions.  Ideal for anyone recovering from injury or wanting specific guidance.

€65 Contact Eilís @ 083 8180832

Class Packages

€60 for 4 week block

Contact Eilís @ 083 8180832

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